Friday, December 21, 2007

Peace on Earth featured on NPR!

The wonderful track from Peace on Earth by The Winston Jazz Routine titled Through the Snow has been featured as NPR's song of the day! See the article here. Buy the album here.

You can also listen to an archived stream of me and Nathan from TWJR on Out the Other last month. Nathan performs the song live. I talk and make myself look stupid. Listen here.

Thanks goes to Mr. Nathan Phillips from TWJR for contributing the song to our little record. It was an honour to have released it. Totals coming this week for Peace on Earth! I donated the first batch of money today! Check back the day after Christmas to see exactly how much we raised for Toys for Tots.

Thank you for everything friends,


Greg said...

That's just plain fantastic, Caleb. No question you did something fantastic here.

Abbie said...


Mary said...

A lovely song and a wonderful collection. Thanks to TWJR for this song--and you for putting it all together.